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Terms & Conditions

The editor/proofreader will undertake to complete the work to the highest standard, to communicate in a timely manner, and to liaise with the client about any queries.


All rights to the work are retained by the authors, unless otherwise agreed (for example, in joint editor-writer collaborations).


The editor/proofreader cannot accept responsibility for clinical or other decisions or implications contained within the work.


Payment terms are 14 days from invoice. Payment is by bank transfer. Other methods are available if required.


A lengthy project may be invoiced in stages.

Any additional major expenses, such as postage, courier delivery, travel beyond London, and accommodation will be invoiced to and paid for by the client.


Overdue invoices will incur an interest penalty.


All work will remain confidential between the client and the editor/proofreader. If issues of risk that cause concern arise in the text or during the course of the work, these will be discussed with the client who will undertake appropriate safeguarding actions.


If the client is unhappy with the work, he or she must communicate this within 5 working days upon receipt of the work. Where appropriate and possible, the editor/proofreader will correct the work to the best of her ability.


Either the client or the editor/proofreader has the right to terminate the agreement if there is a serious breach of the terms and conditions.

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